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Dragon Scale 17 3/4"l Red Maple Dubləve Wand

Dragon Scale 17 3/4"l Red Maple Dubləve Wand


Style: Lord
Wood: Red Maple
Size: 3/8”d x 17 3/4”l
Core: Dragon Scale
Wave: Swishy
Trait: Visionary

The purchase of every wand includes: A white Doubləve Wands labeled gift box with a form on an end to record the wand's particular stats, a tag displaying all of the wand's stats attached by a removable piece of wire attached to the link on the handle, a sheet of white tissue paper to protect the wand (from stains), a second sheet of tissue paper with choice of colour.
Wands are measured to length then cut, trimmed, sanded with a rough grit, oiled, sealed, and finally sanded with a fine grit. Then they're decorated with an adhered cloth wrap around handle sealed and painted with an air-drying water-based acrylic polymer. The butt of a Doubləve Wand handle contains a metal link where a Doubləve Charm can be attached (charms and other wands sold separately).

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