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I have successfully added my second app and corresponding snippets to the HTML code of my Shopify online store. This was more complicated than the app snippets I added yesterday. But it was so worth it.

Yesterday I added the Product Reviews app by Shopify. Now customers can give me ratings up to five stars and afford me some invaluable feedback on items/purchases.

Today's app is Infinite Options by ShopPad. I was having issues with the built in Product Variant Options because adding options kept adding quantity to what is a one-off listing. Now I can offer customers packaging/shipping options at no extra cost on original One Of A Kind products without having to track quantity levels manually.

It's better to think of using Variants as though they create a matrix for products like apparel. If there's a different price point, create a new product. If you have an item that comes in different sizes at no extra cost, Variants are great.

But if you have different colours of tissue paper to offer in gift wrapping a purchase, Infinite Options is what you're looking for.

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